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My name is Luke Landes, and I am the founder of shizennougyou. I started this website in 2003 to hold myself accountable for my choices pertaining to my financial condition. Over the subsequent years, shizennougyou has grown into one of the most popular blogs to focus on the world of personal finance. The website counts among its praises being called one of the best money sites by the most-read financial columnist on the internet, Liz Weston, named as a must-read blog by Kiplinger’s, and listed as a best money website by Money Magazine.

The mission of shizennougyou is to develop financially literate, capable, and successful human beings by sharing educational, entertaining, and engaging writing.

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From 2003 through 2011, I tracked my personal financial reports publicly as a way to hold myself accountable as I progressed from being in debt with little income towards financial independence. Readers can still access my full net worth history.

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While I write about a number of topics related to personal finance on shizennougyou, all of the articles are geared towards making the best financial decisions throughout our lives. These are some of the must-read articles, essays, and tools on shizennougyou.


The Bank Switch Kit and Checklist
How to Choose the Best Savings Account
Young Americans Likely to Be Unbanked
10 Tips for Avoiding Overdraft Fees
Bank Branches Abandon Poor Communities
How to Beat a CD Ladder
Alternatives to High-Yield Savings Accounts
The Best Online Savings Accounts
The Best Online Checking Accounts
Student Checking Accounts


Go to College For Free
Boost Your Human Capital: Increase Your Education
Low Income Families Pay More For College
Should We Discourage Some From Attending College?
Is Private Elementary School Worthwhile?
Is an Undergraduate Degree Wortwhwhile?
Is a Graduate Degree Worthwhile?
Is a PhD or Professional Doctorate Worthwhile?
Best Return on Investment for Bachelor’s Degrees
Go to College Without Going Into Debt

Credit and Debt

The Debt Snowball
The Correct Way to Pay Off Personal Debt
Is Debt Slavery?
How to Handle a Credit Card Data Breach
3 Credit Card Benefits You’re Paying For
Are Credit Card Annual Fees Worthwhile?
Credit Card Rewards Hurt Your Bottom Line
Your Credit Card Doesn’t Love You
The Best Credit Cards
The Best Cash-Back Credit Cards

Career and Working

Is Following Your Passion a Luxury?
Should You Be a Landlord?
8 Questions Before You Quit Your Job
Frugal Employers Will Lose Their Talent
Choosing a Career Path By Chasing Hot Jobs
Life After Salary
10 Ways to Boost Your Human Capital
Your Human Capital
Performance Reviews: Useless or Worthwhile?
How I Earn Side Income

Investing, Retirement

Invest For the Future Without Wall Street
Choose Between a Traditional and Roth IRA
Half of All Americans Are Not Saving for Retirement
Buy and Hold: A Losing Strategy for the Future?
High I.Q. Scores Correlate to Better Investments
My Future Investing Strategy
401(k) Contribution Limits
Don’t Take a Loan Out From Your 401(k)
Invest $100,000 or Pay Off Mortgage?
Dollar Cost Averaging vs. Lump Sum Investing


Learning to Say No
For Financial Freedom: Reduce Expenses or Grow Income?
The Latte Factor
Extreme Frugality: Living Out of Your Car
Gradual Frugality: Finding Enjoyment in Saving Money
Is Frugality Still Here?
Frugality is Bad For the Economy
Getting a Better and Cheaper Shave
The Frugal Lifestyle: Are We Missing Out?
Multi-Millionaire Made on $11 per Hour Job

Cult of Personality

Suze Orman’s Approved Card
Suze Orman Says Stop Paying Off Debt
Robert Kiyosaki, Financial Guru, Declares Bankruptcy
Is Robert Kiyosaki a Liar?
Is Your Home an Asset or Liability?
Where Dave Ramsey’s Debt Snowball Fails
Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps

Financial Literacy

Teaching Kids About Money
How to Solve the Financial Literacy Problem
Personal Finance Classes Do More Harm Than Good
Should High School’s Require Money Management Classes?
Gender Gap in High School Seniors’ Financial Literacy
A Financial Literacy Program for Kids
Classes About Money Management
Teaching Financial Skills to Teens With Learning Disabilities


The Saver’s Dilemma
Saving $300,000 By Age Eighteen
Is It Possible to Save Too Much Money?
8 Tips For Living Through a Recession
The Paradox of the Paradox of Thrift
50 Tips for Starting Your Emergency Fund
Components of an Emergency Plan
Put Your Savings in Hyperdrive
Forget About the Latte Factor
Penny Wise, Pound Foolish

People, Families, Relationships

When Friends Are Social Sellers and Multi-Level Marketers
How Much is True Love Worth?
Getting What You Want: Using Sex as Money
Are You Better Off Than Your Parents?
What Is the Middle Class?
Emotions and Money: Keeping Them Separated
Motivating Kids With an Allowance
5 Conversations Before Moving In Together
Will You Financially Support Your Parents?
Save Money By Not Having Children

Financial Advice and Planning, Personal Finance

Why I Don’t Make Your Financial Decisions For You
Working With Financial Planners and Advisers
Achieving Financial Independence
How to Handle Requests for Financial Advice
Take Control of Your Finances
Mediocrity: Doing What Works For You
Financial Advisers vs. Stock Brokers
Financial Voyeurism
Improving Your Finances By Modifying Your Behavior
Ignoring Bills Won’t Make Them Disappear

Consumer Issues

Save Money at the Gas Pump
How to Receive Great Customer Service
The Myth of Ownership
Black Friday Tip: Buy Nothing
Back to School Shopping Tips
Extreme Couponing
The Group Couponing Craze
CoinStar is a Rip-Off
Replacing Dollar Bills With Coins

Company Highlights and Lowlights

Bank of America Settles Overdraft Fee Lawsuit
How to Close Your BOA Accounts
Bank of America Class Action Lawsuits
Wells Fargo Binding Arbitration, Taking Away Consumers’ Rights
Wells Fargo Fined For Misleading Customers, Falsifying Documents
Capital One Buys ING Direct — Now What?
ING Direct Closed Customer’s Account Due to Bad Credit
ING Direct Threatened to Close My Account

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Updated June 23, 2016 and originally published October 17, 2012.

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Luke Landes is the founder of shizennougyou. He has been blogging and writing for the internet since 1995 and has been building online communities since 1991. Find out more about Luke Landes and follow him on Twitter. View all articles by .

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avatar 1 Anonymous

I definitely need to do one of these for my blog as well. Great idea Luke!

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avatar 2 Anonymous

Wow – what a body of work! Awesome.

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avatar 3 Anonymous

Nice list of must-read articles and posts. I am sure you put in a lot of effort to come up with the list. I think I will also do this in my blog, but I will put it in a separate page instead, or maybe a landing page. Thanks for the idea!

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avatar 4 Anonymous

Nice one Luke. I think having a “start here” section is a great Idea. There is some great calls to action in here too.

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avatar 5 Anonymous

Great break down!

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avatar 6 Ceecee

I have learned a lot from this site and have gone back to read old posts. This is a great resource when seeking a good deal on a new credit card or online savings account. I hope you will keep providing us with this helpful information for a long time to come.

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avatar 7 Cejay

Wow, I did not know you were so popular. I know I love reading the blog when I get the time but considering how knowledgable you are I will have to make time more often. I admire your courage and transparency in putting your financials out there for everyone to see. Money is one thing that I keep very private.

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avatar 8 First Avenue

Thats so cool, I think its amazing how you can start with just a blog and end up inspiring and motivating many people.

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