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Record-Setting Cyber Monday

Consumers in the United States spent more money online in one day, this past Monday, than they spent in any other one day in history. Online browsing and shopping resulted in $1.25 billion in sales on Cyber Monday, up 22 percent from the previous one-day record, last year’s Cyber Monday. The $1.25 billion in sales on Cyber Monday reflects the fact that more people shopped online than last year, up 11 percent, and the average shopper spent more money than last Cyber Monday, an increase of 9 percent.

When Cyber Monday was invented in 2005 by, the National Retail Foundation’s e-commerce division, it was based on the theory that more people had broadband internet access in their workplaces and would wait until sitting at their desks in their offices before shopping online after the holiday weekend.

Cyberman - Cyber MondayAt the time, Cyber Monday was not an event and there was no indication that the Monday following Thanksgiving was anything special in terms of online shopping activity. Retailers, however, bought into the idea and started creating marketing campaigns that encouraged people to shop on Monday.

Consumers simply followed the deals and succumbed to the hype surrounding yet another day dedicated to shopping, created by the organization that represents retailers, who obviously stand to benefit from more consumer shopping. More consumers neglected their work in the office this year to spend time browsing and shopping online than any Cyber Monday in the past, with more than half of all shoppers spending money from work.

Cyber Monday was not even the biggest day for online shopping until last year. This new holiday is an interesting story about how you can make anything you want real with enough marketing.

I’m just starting to organize my holiday shopping list. I’ve purchased a few items already but didn’t make any extra effort to shop on Monday. How much did you spend on this year’s Cyber Monday?

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Published or updated November 30, 2011.

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avatar 1 Anonymous

Let the good times roll!

We spent more online on Friday and kept it under $100 on Monday. Still – that’s a massive gain in online purchases. Hopefully it’s a bullish sign?

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avatar 2 Anonymous

Since our economy is driven by spending, the sales figures of the past few days indicate the economy is geting better. Hopefully people are not going into debt to support the increase in shopping.

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avatar 3 Anonymous

I got the 5a.m. Home Depot $200 Milwaukee 18V hammer drill and impact driver combo set for myself because I’m tired of the other cordless drills I had that use crappy NiCD batteries. This set uses Lithium Ion batteries so they should be able to hold more recharges. That was a steal of a deal. Later that afternoon I went to walmart and they still had some black friday pallets out. One of them had some of the Blu Ray players for $50 each. I grabbed 2 to give as gifts.

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avatar 4 Anonymous

I bought a $27 gift for my wife, and that comprised all of my shopping. I don’t recall what I spent last year, but I guess that little bit was my contribution :)

I didn’t think Amazon’s deals were good at all, and that was the main site I was tracking. I saw a couple of items that I’ve purchased (from Amazon no less) over the last 18 months at prices lower than what they were offering as Cyber Monday deals. The old ‘raise the price then lower it to make it look like a deal’ strategy.

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avatar 5 Ceecee

I had trouble getting onto some of the sites. I didn’t buy anything, but did some browsing. It’s too early for holiday shopping for me.

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avatar 6 Anonymous

Oops my comment was what i experienced on black friday. I’m not sure why this year’s cyber monday was a big hit. The economy is supposed to be down. I looked at various cites…amazon, newegg, etc and I didn’t see any enticing cyber monday deals.

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avatar 7 wylerassociate

I did some brief browsing on for some sales, but I didn’t buy anything on cyber monday.

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avatar 8 Anonymous

I spent $2.99 on a Kindle book on Amazon.

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avatar 9 Anonymous

Cyber Monday may be more than just willing something into being via marketing. If there are, indeed, better deals offered on that day, then it is worth people’s time to shop.

Of course, that’s assuming the deals are real. Honestly most Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals I’ve run across were not that compelling.

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avatar 10 Anonymous

$0.00, I was working all day. Although I did buy my family’s Christmas presents on Tuesday night online.

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avatar 11 Anonymous

I don’t do Black Friday and won’t start doing Cyber Monday. My family doesn’t buy gifts. My grandmother and Dad never bought gifts. If we got anything it came from my mom. Long ago my grandmother said she wouldn’t be caught paying for Christmas throughout the coming New Year. We’ve taken her words to heart and don’t shop. If I do shop, it’s done with cash. If not enough or no cash, it doesn’t get bought. There’s supposed to be a recession/pre-Depression out here. You couldn’t tell by all the people pushing, shoving, running and pepper spraying each other to get to stuff they don’t need…

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avatar 12 Anonymous

I have the same ideals. I didn’t have enough cash for food once so I decided to just grab some free samples in Costco.

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avatar 13 lynn

Actually I look at the bad behavior as people being in trouble. Of course some of it is greed too. Who knows the total truth?

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avatar 14 Anonymous

I spent exactly nothing. I would have if I had more time though because I have got to get the shopping done. However, I didn’t have time to research what a good price was and such, so no shopping for me.

This was the first year I heard much about Cyber Monday actually, so it makes sense it is fairly new. (Or I have been living in a cave.)

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avatar 15 TakeitEZ

Nothing at all.

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avatar 16 Anonymous

For those of you that were too tired, lazy, or scared to go out during Black Friday. Cyber Monday was created especially for you.

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avatar 17 Anonymous

Why would I be ashamed to be tired, lazy and scared to waste money on stuff I don’t need? That has been marked up so that lemmings will think it’s on sale?

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avatar 18 Anonymous

Woah relax. I was just being kinda tongue in cheek.

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avatar 19 Anonymous

I didn’t buy anything online on Cyber Monday. I didn’t shop on Black Friday, either.

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avatar 20 lynn

I can’t remember which day I shopped online. It was one day between Friday and Monday. I spent about 240.00 and received 60.00 back for my efforts. My shopping began in January and ended on that day after Thanksgiving. Gifts are wrapped, and sent to out of state family. The biggest gift (I hope) is I’m going there for Christmas, but DD doesn’t know it.

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avatar 21 Cejay

I helped with this total. Hubby is a techie and he got those type toys. It is so much easier to go to or some other site and buy. This beats going to crowded stores, standing in long lines, rude cashiers, and out of stock merchandise. I will take it any day.

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avatar 22 shellye

I spent $30 on a DVD box set for my kid on actual Cyber Monday from Barnes & Noble.

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avatar 23 shellye

But I anticipate spending more on Cyber Monday next year. I’m done with Black Friday and all the craziness. Have learned my lesson that the so-called “deals” just aren’t worth the stress.

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avatar 24 Anonymous

I just want to say….love the picture. Cyber Men…Cyber Monday..I had a good laugh. ;)

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avatar 25 Anonymous

I also want to say (since I’m also watching Star Trek TNG like a total dork while catching up on your blog) that I work in online retail as an account manager for affiliate programs and a few merchants were trying to market a Cyber Tuesday as well…yes, ANYTHING can be a “holiday” or a “good day for deals” if you say it well and frequently enough! Ugh.

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avatar 26 qixx

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Super Sunday – Just made this one up, and Cyber Monday. I managed to avoid 3 of the 4. I’ll count it as a win.

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