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Best Online Brokers of 2017

by Michael Pruser

Let’s get this out of the way. There is no one best online discount broker for everybody. What will be the best choice for you will depend on many factors. And what works for you may not be the ideal option for somebody else. We’ve used a number of brokers, including Scottrade, Ally Invest, OptionsHouse, […]

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The Best Current and Historical Bank Interest Rates

by Rob Berger

We’ve tracked bank rates since 2008. The latest list shows the best bank interest rates available nationwide as of October 2017 (with daily updates). Since many banks are constantly updating their interest rates offered on savings, money market and checking accounts, this chart should come in handy. On the 1st of every month, this page […]

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How to Switch Banks the Easy Way

by Luke Landes

Switching banks doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Here’s how to change banks the easy way (and we’ve included a downloadable checklist) With some banks changing their policies to be less consumer-oriented, I’ve received several questions about the logistics of switching banks. In previous decades, closing your account at one bank and opening an account […]

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Review of Republic Wireless | Is it Too Good to be True?

by Adam Luehrs

Republic Wireless claims to offer excellent phones and service at rock bottom prices. In this Republic Wireless review, we put these claims to the test. Mobile devices were supposed to free us from the tethers of landlines. Unfortunately, many wireless plans can leave us tethered to expensive contracts and oppressive terms. This is why contract-free […]

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6 Ways Your Bank is Ripping You Off

by Richard Barrington

Banks not very popular institutions. Fairly or unfairly, the prevailing impression many folks have is that bankers are fat cats who make their fortunes at the expense of ordinary people. So here is how to choose a bank while avoiding being ripped off. However, instead of being mad at bankers, perhaps consumers should be mad […]

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The Best Term Life Insurance Companies

by Abby Hayes

There can be a lot to consider when shopping for life insurance. Cost and ease of application might sway your initial decision but does that make it the best choice? When it comes to life insurance, things seem so complicated that you may not feel like shopping around. Maybe you just take the policy your […]

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American Express Personal Savings Review

by Luke Landes

Amex entered banking years ago. Today, they offer great rates with low fees. Check out our take in this American Express savings account review. By far, the most requested review on shizennougyou is for the American Express Personal Savings Account. Amex offers one of the highest interest rates available with this savings account, making […]

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The Pros and Cons of Universal Life Insurance

by Stephanie Colestock

Universal life insurance has both advantages and disadvantages. We cover both the pros and cons to help you decide whether universal life is best for you. Every once in awhile, I will receive financial questions from readers. Now, I am not a financial adviser. I usually suggest those needing significant assistance with their financial decisions […]

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7 Budgeting Apps to Help You Manage Your Money

by Abby Hayes

The best budgeting software can make managing your money easy and dare I say enjoyable. Here are our top picks for budgeting apps. When you’re constantly on the go, getting a handle on your finances can be tough. You may not have time to sit in front of your desktop or laptop, or to deal […]

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The Best Credit Cards in 2017

by Richard Barrington

J.D. Power recently issued its annual study of the best credit cards. Not surprisingly, cash back cards are still the most popular. American Express, Discover, and Capital One topped the charts for customer satisfaction. Yet J.D. Power also found that customer satisfaction varied based on the cardholder’s age. While these surveys are helpful, nothing beats […]

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