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Weekly Blog Roundup II, Market Crash Edition

by Luke Landes

What would you do if the stock market crashed tomorrow? While you’re contemplating that, here are some more articles from Thanksgiving week to keep you reading about personal finance. How Do You Calculate Compound Growth (or Interest)? AllFinancialMatters loves tackling these mathematical questions. Here he answers with an Excel function and the underlying formulas. Personal […]

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Review: Navigating the Financial Blogosphere by Russell Bailyn

by Luke Landes

A little over a year ago, Russell Bailyn, an investment adviser who crossed the barrier into the blogosphere with his Financial Planning Weblog, contacted me to let me know he was beginning work on a book. As Russell and I were both music education majors in our respective undergraduate universities, I was eager to support […]

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Black Friday and CVS Savings

by Sasha

My “Black Friday” shopping started yesterday at 8 a.m. after I’d readied my 26-pound turkey (we had 22 people planned for Thanksgiving this year) for its 6-plus hours in the oven. Instead of crawling back to bed whilst the scent of roasting turkey filled the house, I had a mission in mind. Earlier in the […]

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Year-End Tax-Saving Move: Time Your Bonuses

by Luke Landes

Here in the United States, it’s Thanksgiving. I hope all readers are able to spend time with their family or friends. I’m still in California visiting my relatives and enjoying a relaxing vacation. Well, it’s relaxing in some sense. I’ve actually been working hard at moving some of my major websites, like and the […]

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Year-End Tax-Saving Move: Tax Breaks for Saving

by Luke Landes

The government, when not encouraging spending to spur the immediate economy, encourages saving to keep the future economy on target. This encouragement comes in the form of tax breaks given for directing money away from consumerism today towards retirement (consumerism later). The first tax break you can get, and generally should get, is for a […]

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How to Turn $500 Into $7 The Hard Way

by J.D. Roth

This is a guest post from J.D. Roth, who writes about personal finance and related topics at Get Rich Slowly. Back in our young and foolish days, my wife and I bought a set of encyclopedias from a door-to-door salesman. This was in 1995, at the very cusp of the digital age. We had been […]

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ShareBuilder Acquired by ING Direct

by Luke Landes

I received this email last night, and it was news to me. I’ve had no problems dealing with ING Direct, nor have I had any problems dealing with ShareBuilder. I have accounts with both companies. For a while, ShareBuilder was offering significant bonuses to those who opened accounts, and ING Direct has always had their […]

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3 Things You Need to Know Before Giving to Charity

by Luke Landes

This is a guest post from Steve, who writes about finance and life at Brip Blap. As the holiday season approaches, calls for donating to charity begin to multiply. Americans donate over $240 billion per year to various charities, and that’s simply in terms of money; the contributions in goods and services add even more […]

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Reader Question: Credit Freeze Worthwhile?

by Luke Landes

TV Girl wrote into shizennougyou (and a few other blogs, so I expect to see responses elsewhere) with the following question about credit freezes: I’ve been listening to Dave Ramsey talk on his radio show about freezing your credit report, but I haven’t heard much (if anything) about this issue in the pf blogosphere. […]

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Consumption Is Investment

by Luke Landes

This is a guest post from Mrs. Micah, who maintains the blog Mrs. Micah: Finance and Life, in which the author is starting to deal responsibly with her $100,000+ debt. Every purchase you make is an investment. Too often we think of our purchases as consumables. Some are, like food, but even those should be […]

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