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Podcast 68: Personal Investing, Carol Fabbri

by Luke Landes

On today’s episode of the shizennougyou Podcast, Tom Dziubek talks to Carol Fabbri, co-author of the book Personal Investing: The Missing Manual. During the interview, Carol discusses many the preparation a person should make before investing, the different categories of investors, choosing the right index funds, a reasonable return on investment that investors should […]

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Our New Budget Could Mean Extra Car Payments

by Smithee

Last week I talked about the need for my wife and I to decide on a new savings goal. We had been saving ten percent of our paychecks each month in the Joint Savings Account, which allowed us to do some fun things and avoid credit cards, but wasn’t really a place for money to […]

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BP Lowers the Price of Gasoline for Some

by Luke Landes

BP, whom we all know as the featured star in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, has understandably seen a decline in retail sales of gasoline. While retaliation by boycotting BP-branded has stations originally seemed to be more symbolic than effectual, apparently enough people are avoiding the brand to bother local station owners. In an […]

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TD Ameritrade In Trouble For Misleading Investors

by Luke Landes

According to the Pennsylvania Securities Commission, brokers for TD Ameritrade misled investors in 2007 in order to sell a mutual fund, taking advantage of customers looking for higher returns. A certain mutual fund, the Reserve Yield Plus Fund, was sold as a high-rate investment to investors looking for a money market fund. The brokers allegedly […]

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Personal Balance Sheet, July 2010 ($365,647, +8.0%)

by Luke Landes

My girlfriend and I are spending this week on vacation in Myrtle Beach. It’s my first visit to this area, and we are enjoying it. I’ve never been a big fan of the beach, but that may be only because most of my experience involves the Jersey shore. I’m learning to appreciate the “do-less” vacation, […]

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Amazon Kindle, Chapter Three

by Smithee

Amazon’s 3rd-generation Kindle e-reader, set to be released on August 27th, had me worried for a little while. My gadget-y friends and I often wonder aloud about upcoming features and technology advances, and many of them assumed Amazon would try to make it more like an iPad. As a happy owner of a 2nd-generation Kindle, […]

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How To Combine Finances for Couples

by Luke Landes

When a couple marries or otherwise commits to be in a long-term relationship with each other, the question of whether to combine money usually arises. The debate about whether what could be called “his money” and “her money” should become “our money” is endless. Different arrangements work for different couples, and this article doesn’t address […]

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Podcast 67: The Importance of Earning More, Ramit Sethi

by Luke Landes

On today’s episode of the shizennougyou Podcast, Tom Dziubek and Flexo talk to Ramit Sethi, author of the bestselling book I Will Teach You To Be Rich. Ramit discusses the importance of earning more money and talks about topics such as why people don’t earn as much as they can, the use of systems […]

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Citi Forward Card $200 Gift Certificate Promotion

by Luke Landes

The offer you are interested in has expired. Read our review of other Citi cards.

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No More Credit Card Debt, Now We Need a New Budget

by Smithee

I’ve had thousands of dollars in credit card debt since 1997. I remember applying for a job in March of 2001 which I calculated would help me erase my credit card debt in about twelve months. I didn’t get that job. Nobody got that job, in fact, the entire web design sector was crashing, and […]

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