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How to Close Your Bank of America Savings or Checking Account

If you’re upset about Bank of America charging a monthly debit card fee or any other fee, if the bank has a policy you don’t like, or if you just have no need for this company’s particular set of services, consider closing your Bank of America account. There’s an initiative called Bank Transfer Day encouraging customers to remove money from large banks.

For customers who have chosen a new bank to replace Bank of America, use this Bank Switch Kit to help you organize your finances.

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In a perfect world, every bank would make it very easy to close accounts. For the most part, they want to keep their customers, and will often request that anyone wishing to close their account talk to a retention specialist. These specialists are often empowered to offer a few incentives to remain a customer of the company, including waiving fees for a period of time. It’s a tactic that sometimes stops people from leaving, particularly those who do really want to stay. It’s a negotiation technique used with employees in the corporate world; if your company wants to keep you, when you threaten to quit they might make it more attractive for you to stay.

In most situations, if you want to quit, it’s better to quit than accept a peace offering without solving the problem of not wanting to be there. So it’s best to avoid or ignore the retention specialists who want you to stay with a bank.

Note: Some readers have had success by entering an online chat with a Bank of America customer service representative and asking to have their accounts closed. Some readers have said that they were unable to do so.

Before you begin the process described below, log into your account and initiate a chat. You may find the closing process is as easy as sending an instant message. The Bank of America website has been non-responsive or slow over the past several days, so accessing online chat may be impossible or difficult.

If you are unable to access your account online, or if you are and a representative who answers your request live is unable to close your account, you might need to proceed through the longer process, and this process varies depending on the state in which you reside.

To close your account at Bank of America, you should just be able to walk into a branch, withdraw your funds, instruct the teller to close the account, and walk out a free man or woman with a cashier’s check or cash in hand. It’s not always quite this simple, however.

California, Idaho, and Washington are the only states that officially let you close your account just by walking into a bank branch, according to Bank of America’s official procedure. Residents of all other states must follow a different process, but I find it hard to believe that any American can’t walk into their local branch and get this done. Bank of America insists that most customers throughout the country — those living in the 47 states not mentioned above — send a letter stating your desire for the bank to close your account and describing how the remaining funds should be distributed to you.

For example, your letter might state that you want to receive your funds via check to an address you provide, or you might request that your funds be transferred via ACH to the external account you specify (including the destination’s routing/ABA number and bank account number). The letter, including a signature from each account holder, must be sent to this address:

Account Closure, FL1-300-02-07
4109 Gandy Blvd
Tampa, FL 33611-3401

You can verify the process for closing your Bank of America savings or checking account by visiting the bank’s website and finding the answer in the frequently asked questions list after providing the state in which you reside. Once you close your account, consider depositing some cash in a high-yield savings account or a credit union.

Do you plan to cancel your Bank of America account? If so, why? If you have closed your account, what did you think of the process?

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Updated October 8, 2017 and originally published September 30, 2011.

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avatar 1 shellye

Thanks for the info, Flexo. I’m a future former BofA customer, as are my kids, but we’re out. This debit card fee is the straw that broke the camel’s back. I’ll be closing my accounts this weekend.

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avatar 2 Anonymous

I am one of the worst stories of trying to close, yes I eventually went in to the branch and after closing six months later I received a check from being charged for my account not being closed, well over a year thank god.

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avatar 3 Anonymous

I have been with BoA for the last 4 years and every month I was charged a fee…
I had E-banking which means, I don’t go to a teller or drive through and just use the
ATM, Well, my family helps us, and they have to go through a teller, well, every month
my family helped, I was charged $8.95 that of course would brake the rule, and therefore cause the fee… It would get annoying, and some times caused a draft. I hated worrying about that fee. That was my hard earned money that they were taking from me every single month. I work part time, so naturally my checks are smaller, Well I changed my checking to Core banking, which means If I just get 1 larger check per month it would avoid the core fee of $12.00 which is a $250.00 check has to go in. Well to get that amount, I had to work at least 35 hours which doesn’t happen very often where I work but it’s possible…
It was always such a worry. I got sick of it. My family has Wells Fargo. I went there for info. To make it easier for them to deposit for us. I never have to worry about fee’s ever again no matter how small my checks are, At Wells Fargo! YAY! God Bless ya’ll!! I hope my store helps some one. :-)

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avatar 4 Anonymous

I don’t intend to close any accounts with BoA. I’ll simply stop using the debit card for anything other than ATM withdrawals. Looking back on my Quicken records I’ve only made three debits this year as we usually charge stuff on rewards cards. I’ve banked with them for over 30 years and through direct deposit, minimum balances, online banking, and paying dredit card bills have never paid any fees on any of my five accounts – so why change? Of course as these fees and charges pop-up we’ll reconsider.

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avatar 5 Anonymous

That’s “credit card bills” not dredit cards bills ;-)

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avatar 6 Anonymous

Because their assets are toxic; they own lots of derivatives. Because they only need to keep 10% of any money you let them have available to give back to you, have fun getting your money back if there is an economic problem. Because they got billions in your tax money for a bailout yet they need to charge $5/mo to customers to retain profit their margins?

I could see keeping your money where it has been for the last 30 years if you lived in a little bubble world that will never change. If your world is exactly the same as 30 years ago, then I stand corrected. Support your local community, they need you. I am quitting BoA and going with a local bank, they have a positive balance sheet. If you have an, “it can’t happen to me attitude,” you are risking yours, and your dependents well being- don’t risk your family -the bank has already risked your money. Essentially BoA is wanting to charge you to keep your own money… why else would they hope charge you?

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avatar 7 Anonymous

My accounts with BoA are a service, not an investment. My money is well protected through the FDIC and is not at risk due to their balance sheet. So far (30 years) that service has been free of fees and expenses. As far as supporting the locals, BoA employees around here are local and none of the “just local” banks offer anywhere near the available fee-less ATMs that BoA does. Although BoA and many larger banks have indeed recieved governement $$ a host of those smaller local banks have failed or been taken over.
I live in a bubble of reality and so far the fees remain at zero – same as 30 years ago.

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avatar 8 wylerassociate

thanks for the info flexo. I am planning to cancel my BoA account. It just infuriates me how incompetent and irresponsible BofA has been since Ken lewis ran the company and now the customer pay for the mistakes of the company’s executives.

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avatar 9 Ceecee

Wow, I had no idea it was so hard to close an account. What happens if it is left for a long time with a zero balance?

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avatar 10 Anonymous

You will be charged the $5 and your account will be in the red. It happens to me all the time because I hate leaving money in there but they won’t let me close it. Every time I go in they talk around me for an hour and I end up leaving with nothing getting done. I tried the online chat thing also, I found out about it today, but there were no associates available. BoA wins again.

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avatar 11 Anonymous

Just use the online chat to close the account. Simple.

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avatar 12 Anonymous

Thx so much! You saved me all the hassle that this author would’ve put me thru with his advice. Took about 5 mins to close and be done with them.

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avatar 13 Anonymous

I’m still trying to get off and account that is not even mine and for three years they have refused to remove me or even talk or tell me how to get off this account… and CS is useless, I have a pile of letter I receive after talking with customer service who assures me every time it’s all taken care of, that say we cannot fulfill your request as you requested”….

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avatar 14 Anonymous

Still no response from BOA… just basically quit communicating…
It’s not my account and I want off….
If you still trust BOA with your money, you should have second thoughts…

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avatar 15 Anonymous

I have been a customer of Bank of America for 40 years. I do not use a debt card and I have a premium account. If I did use it, I would not incur a fee. I do not like fees and always find ways around it. I will no t close my account, but understand if many do.

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avatar 16 Anonymous

Where do I start, just got off the phone on the third dispute with unauthorized charges,
I have been told from BAmerica it takes thirty days to close my account I have been trying since March to close here is why, I called to close my accounts I have banked there for over ten years, they did not want to give me a mortgage or a credit card after they received the bail out, I received Up to 200,000 from Wells Fargo no fees with new accounts with there Mortgage, when they gave me the Mortgage I didn’t even have an account with them, then they gave me a credit card credit card,the thirty days comes into play if you have an unauthorized charge, wait for dispute, then if there is any other action on the account guess what wait thirty more days, wait for dispute, each time call request to close, ever have hard time getting a direct debit to stop charging your account or auto renewal guess what dispute Waite thirty days, apply to close thirty days starry all over, I’ve been dealing with this since March, few min.
Ago after what I’ve been thru she was short with me,
Wells Fargo is The American local and National pastime no fee, with Mortgages.
To charge our College students on strict budgets debit fees for there own money when they took our billions already is a disgrace.

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avatar 17 Anonymous

Wow, I am happy I don’t have Bank of America account, had no idea it was that complicated to close it. I have had accounts with several other banks, and it was always easy to close them in person. Of course, sometimes you have to meet with customer service and they ask some questions, try to keep you as a customer. But no letters required. That just seems like a lot of hassle.

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avatar 18 Anonymous

I walked in and told them that I wanted to close my account. They asked why. I said that I don’t want to say. They closed the account without any hassle. This was in Florida.

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avatar 19 Cejay

I do not have a Bank of America account and have not banked with large banks in the last 15 years. I use the smaller credit union in town. But this morning at work I heard two people saying that they were going to go over to the BofA and close their account. Of course, they did not say if they did or not or if they had any trouble. I will take this article to work tomorrow and show them. Hopefully, they were able to do so with no trouble.

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avatar 20 Anonymous

Seems like a real pain. I have multiple boa accounts, and actually I’m fairly satisfied with them to date. The exception to that Is the recent minimum balance requirement they instituted on my student checking account.

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avatar 21 Anonymous

Granted it was back in 2007… but back then I simply walked into a BoA branch in Texas and closed my savings account. I find it hard to imagine BoA now requires customers to send a letter…

I noticed someone mentioned using online chat to close the account… I can’t speak for BoA but that failed with PenFed CU last year. I had to mail a letter to them.

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avatar 22 Anonymous

I mailed a letter and a notarized signature card to the banks as they asked to take me off the account and they still sent a letter refusing to take me off the account…

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avatar 23 Anonymous

I have a B of A atm card, if they start charging me a fee for that or anything else,
I’ll close my account there. But until they do, it’s convenient for me to use them,
and I’ll stay on.

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avatar 24 Anonymous

just closed my account. had them distribute my funds to 10 different addresses.
there’s my $5 fee. :-)

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avatar 25 lynn

Absolutely diabolical! LOL

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avatar 26 Anonymous

I won’t be closing my B of A account. I only ever use the card at ATM’s so it won’t affect me. I use my credit card for all purchases and then pay it. I earn. Rewards that way and I feel more secure knowing if someone gets a hold of my card they’ll be accessing a credit line that the bank easily credits fraudulent purchases to instead of risking my personal funds. Also, I don’t see what’s so difficult about writing a letter to close an account. Try and keep USPS in business :)

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avatar 27 Anonymous

try holding a debt card account or checking, not just a credit card. they charge me for every transaction when I use my debt card to pay for purchases, of course after the free 10 per month transaction they dont charge. they charge 1.50 on atm withdrawal fees after the two free ones. That includes withdrawal from their own atms as well. Charge for every balance check, customer service calls, anything they do to lift a finger or what not they charge you. all those .50 cents per transaction, or more adds up to be near the 300 dollar mark per month for me, if you dont believe me Ill send a copy of monthly report and you can add up the fees. Why dont I leave? Cause I cant, they wont let me leave because of business relations dealing with they bank contracted.

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avatar 28 Anonymous

Also, with the Durbin Amendment, all banks are going to be trying to find a way to offset such huge losses of revenue, whether it be through debit card fees, loss of rewards or other maintenance fees. As a consumer you just need to determine which program/fee structure makes the most sense for your own personal banking habits.

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avatar 29 Anonymous

I have had Primium account at Bof A for the past 15 years. Never paid any charges until last six months. When I have found three different deductions the bank has taken for fee’s. After a rather time consumming email conversation back and forth the fees were removed. Have you checked your statements very closely??? I am going to leave the bank. The reason being if I had not noticed these fees, they would of continued taking them. To get them to reverse the fees was not easy, infact almost argumentative. A dishonest bank is scary scenario.

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avatar 30 Anonymous

I might have been willing to stay if they had just done a per-use fee like 10 cents per usage, but since I only use the card once or twice a month, the 5.00 fee is way expensive on a per-use basis. Sorry BofA, I understand where you’re coming from and that you’re on hard times but I’m outta here.

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avatar 31 lynn

I was under the impression that the fee was there if you had a debit card, use it or not.

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avatar 32 Anonymous

I just opened up new accounts at a credit union on 9/30/11 and I will be closing all of our BoA accounts once the automatic withdrawals start coming out of the new checking account. We would not be subject to the debit card fees but I have to put my money where my mouth is. BoA has fired the managers at our local branches because their salaries were too high and brought in managers with no authority and who do not know the customers. BoA just fired 30,000 more employees and now they are instituting debit card fees. Too much!!! It’s time to support local businesses in this country.

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avatar 33 Anonymous

I use my debit card for everything. I have an e-account so I need my ATM/Debit just to deposit my payroll checks because I work for a small firm that does not do auto deposit. I bank online to save fees and have to pay a fee if I go into the bank for “Personal Service”! I haven’t written a check in years. That being said, after 2 years of unemployment, if I had $60 a year to spare, I would put it in my saving account! BOA makes money on my accounts, now they want me to pay them! I’m moving on to a credit union. I think we need a national bail out day on BOA.

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avatar 34 Anonymous

I plan on closing my account soon. I want to wait to get my next account open though, which will probably be with Ally Bank.

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avatar 35 Anonymous

thanks for the information. I’ve already opened a new checking account with another bank and am only waiting for my direct deposits to actually be made into that new account, then bye-bye Bank of America. I’ve been considering this move for a couple of years now, this new debit card fee is merely the straw that broke the camel’s back.

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avatar 36 Anonymous

It does not take that long to close an account just go in towards the end of the day and close it the bank will give you a cashier’s check yes they may and try and talk you out of it but whatever they say may last for 3 months..take your money to a credit union and at credit unions, CU’s give one better interest rates and better loan rates too.

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avatar 37 Anonymous

I stopped by my local B of A yesterday to see if the fee would apply to me. They said they didn’t know for sure, but that in Washington State, the fee would not be going into effect until March 2012, and they would be sending out letters at that time. I decided to draw down the account to $10.00 and just leave it alone for now — it’s convenient to have another bank I can cash a check if I need to.

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avatar 38 Anonymous

be careful…you may be hit with a fee for not having direct deposit. I switched to a credit union, but kept B of A because I had a small amount of money still there, and figured I’d use it as I needed it, then close out. Well, I got socked for a $12.00 fee…

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avatar 39 qixx

I closed a BofA account a few years back due to the poor customer services i received on numerous occasions. The account was in Oregon, not on that list of 3. I was able to close the account over the phone. A sister also in Oregon closed an account by walking in and telling her teller. Neither of us had a hard time closing the account. My account did have a zero balance before i tried to close it. Not sure if that makes it easier.

Flexo – first you reccomend closing your BofA account in another post. Now you have an article on it. You might want to make a newer post or re link to one on what to do before closing an account (things like move direct deposit and automatic withdrawals to another place).

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avatar 40 Anonymous

In the process of closing two accounts, sent them a letter FedEx they responded by regular mail with a letter stating my signature had to be notarized, seems like a delay tactic to me, looks like it won’t be easy closing out with them.

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avatar 41 Anonymous

I HATE BOA. they’re so sneaky. i’m pretty sure they sit around everyday thinking of new ways to go behind our backs and add on a “fee” for NOTHING. Or, they create loops for which they know the customers who don’t obsessively check their accounts will find themselves in. For example, my account was close to $0 so i deposited money into my account and then wrote a check out to someone a day after. couple days later, i looked at my online account and they postponed my deposit for whatever reason and the check that i wrote for someone had been cashed prior to the deposit. INSUFFICIENT FUNDS FEE. I was furious and I called and I just couldn’t understand why the deposit I had made a few days earlier was processsed after the check which i wrote for someone was. the supervisor said that sometimes that’s just how it is and he couldn’t do anything about it.
recently, they’ve been taking $12 out of my account every month. it started in june. i graduated from college in june so they automatically changed my account from a college checking account to a normal one without my knowledge. i don’t use bofa as my primary account so i don’t check on it very often, but because of these damn charges, i have a negative balance as of now!!!!!! i am through with BOA! EVERYONE SWITCH OUT AND LET IT DIE!!!!

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avatar 42 lynn

I’m sure everyone read the article this morning about the CEO getting ‘let go’. I’m happy people are fighting back and stirring the pot. We have been too complacent for too long. Netflix just backed down from their plan to divide the 2 entities.

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avatar 43 qixx

I missed this article and don’t see it off the homepage. Details please (or a link).

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avatar 44 Anonymous

I just closed my savings account via chat. Live in CA account was opened in MA, no issues. :) I’ll be closing everything once I get my BOA card paid off. I’m tired of all the security issues I’ve had with them. Time to move on. I will miss my custom card though.

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avatar 45 Anonymous

We’re in the process of closing our non-profit’s account there. We did paperwork yesterday to open a new account at a local credit union with “shared branching.” We run over a quarter million through our organization in the course of a year. It may take us a few weeks to get this process completed, but I’ll feel better when we do. We’ve been there since the 1970s as our original local bank got swallowed up over and over till now it’s BoA. The part I’m most looking forward to is sending BoA a letter informing them that we have withdrawn our business because BoA does not match our values. Thanks for warning about fees for closing.

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avatar 46 Anonymous

I recently closed a business checking account I had with BofA. I expected to be given the run-around especially with the scenario surrounding the account, it was initially opened in Nevada, I moved to Florida and continued using the account for a while. I walked into my local Florida branch explained to them I wanted to close the account and would like the funds in currently in the account as cash. They didn’t blink an eye, I signed one document, they handed me my money and I walked out. I got lucky I guess.

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avatar 47 Anonymous

Why do people expect banking to be free?? These banks offer you a SERVICE. You pay for your tv and your internet don’t you? And there are always ways to avoid any fees, I educated myself on ways to avoid the fees and as a result I have multiple Bank of America accounts and debit cards and I pay absolutely nothing and am able to have the conveniance of banking with a large bank that offers many services the little credit unions don’t.

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avatar 48 Anonymous

Yes, they are providing a service, but the the bank is actually using the money that we store with them to fund their investments, making money for themselves (which they sometimes will provide to us as dividends depending on the account type). This essentially creates a symbiotic relationship. I fund your investments if you keep my cash safe. Therefore, the most basic service of allowing me unlimited access to MY cash SHOULD be free. I’m not asking them to make credit cards, investment accounts, or other services free, since they derive no benefit from providing those accounts unless they attach fees, but a simple checking account with no dividend returns or reward points should be free because the bank derives value from my money even when they don’t charge a fee.

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avatar 49 Luke Landes

But in today’s economic environment, the banks don’t need deposits because they’re not lending. They want cash on their balance sheets (and a deposit is a liability). There’s no incentive to attract deposit-customers except to avoid public relations disasters.

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avatar 50 Anonymous

If what you say is true, why are all the banks working so hard to attract new customers and retain current customers, especially Bank of America (I’ve never seen them advertise this much). They’re still using our money to make them money. If they weren’t they would have no incentive to continue offering normal banking services and many of the companies would drop those services, leaving them to small banks and focusing on the high-yield, high-profit activities (which is what they really need right now).

And banks are lending….just not to the every Joe Blow like before. Credit availability has been loosening up and interest rates have dropped, but banks have gotten smarter (kinda) in who they lend to….considering the financial crisis, they had no choice. So my excellent credit is now just good, but with a little more work, I can still easily get the cash I need for a business or home needs.

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avatar 51 qixx

What services can you only find at a large bank? From my experience the only “service” BofA provides that i can’t find just about everywhere is bad service. For some reason my credit union just does not provide bad service. They will however provide any banking products i’ve ever wanted and pay better interest on deposits and charge less interest on loans.

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avatar 52 Anonymous

Good for you Daisy. I do not equate banking with tv and internet because I actually have numerous choices for banking services. I maintain what I consider to be a healthy balance in all of my accounts but since I don’t have a mortgage with them and choose to not use Merrill Lynch for my investments they have let me know that my acounts have no value. This is a big falacy. They are making money on debit card usage – just not as much as they were. Now that BoA cancelled debit card fees they are instituting a bevy of non-transparent fees. I chose to leave because I choose to patronize businesses that value me. BTW since I closed all of my accounts I am receiving mail, almost daily, telling me how much they value my business! Too funny!

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avatar 53 Anonymous

We’re closing our accounts with Bank of America this week as part of the protest. The issue goes way beyond a $5 debit card fee. Here’s an excerpt from my goodbye letter:

I am closing my accounts to protest Bank of America’s disastrous mismanagement of my money, as evidenced by your bank’s near-insolvency. Bank of America made such disastrous bets on risky mortgages and other shaky assets that it was only rescued from complete ruin by means of a handout of $2.5 billion from the Federal Reserve. Because that money was created by the Federal Reserve out of thin air, I consider those to be counterfeit dollars. I know that every single one of those bailout dollars printed and put into your coffers will erode the value of the dollars that I worked hard and lived frugally to save. Your bank is guilty of theft, stealing the value of my money to paper over your unwise investments.

I will be banking in the future with a local credit union. I hope your organization will soon be bankrupted by the opposition of people like me who work for their money, instead of stealing money in sneaky government deals the way that Bank of America does.

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avatar 54 Anonymous

I’m definitely closing my Bank of America accounts. They changed the type of checking account I had and started charging me a maintenance fee BEFORE sending me any notification. That I could let slide because I knew the banks were having financial difficulties (I’m an accountant, so I understand the business end), but then, I started seeing a series of strange charges on my credit card account. That happened twice (a year apart) and this isn’t even my main credit card. How does the card I’ve only had for 3 years and use only about 1 – 2 times a month get “stolen” (I use quotes because the physical card was still in my possession), when the credit card I’ve had for 6 years and use all the time has never been “stolen.” This is just unacceptable. Not only are they charging increasing fees, but their security leaves MUCH to be desired.

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avatar 55 Anonymous

I’m also a future former B of A customer! I’ll be closing mine today in honor of Bank Transfer day.

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avatar 56 Anonymous

I wish it was monday,because I cant close my boa on sunday.I am joining a credit union tomorrow!

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avatar 57 Anonymous

B of A just lost an exessive overdraft fee lawsuit and has to kick back money to those who paid it over the last several years, whether they are with the bank now or not. But as a 47 year B of A customer I am calling it quits. I want a divorce. The local people at the bank are fairly nice. They are only doing their job. The problem is B of A corporate and its stakeholders are no longer a “people’s bank”. The word “trust” has been eliminated for their name and for good reason. Even they know they no long haver the trust of 100s of thousands of their customers. They are more interested in taxpayer bailouts, selling fuzzy accounting securities backed by poisonous mortgages and buying toxic asset financial institutions along with highly speculative and risky international activities. So here is the settlement. I want all my money back, any money coming from future lawsuits filed against them and due me. You no longer will have my direct payment every month and I will be paying my bills online from now on elsewhere. You will never send me another soliciation for any of your services or products. You will be blocked from contacting me through email, snail mail or other intrusive correspondece. Also you get no visitation rights with my children, their families or my friends. Anyone that ask me about Bank of America will get a copy of this. So goodby forever and may your corporate entity private parts be infested with the fleas of a thousand camels.

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avatar 58 Anonymous

The Bank of America’s behavior, I would like to say is criminal, but to be honest it is at this juncture unethical. However unethical behavior in the banking industry is nothing new. They are capitalists and their fundamental goal is to make money. The question is simple, how far across the line should BOA customers be willing to tolerate? In my view they are way over the line and need to be sanctioned by regulatory agencies. One expects banks to invest monies in order to generate profits. However playing fast and loose with customer savings by investing in derivatives an other highly speculative financial instruments is at best ethically questionable and puts the customers who placed their trust in them at grave financial risk. I am also closing my accounts with BOA an opening accounts with a local bank. BOA has become toxic for its customers as well as its balance sheet.

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avatar 59 Anonymous

In Texas, I was able to simply use their online-chat feature from their Contact Us page and requested to close my checking account. In my situation, my account was already zero’ed out, all bill-pay accounts were removed including all recurring payments closed, and all draft-enabled accounts have been migrated to our new bank.

Online chat made the process easy and haggle-free.

I was a BoA customer for nearly 15 years and I am relieved to have severed ties with them. Too many negative experiences and inconsistent customer service; our family switched to a credit union and love it. I fight for the users.

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avatar 60 Anonymous

I mailed the following letter to the address provided in this article:

“I wish to close my Bank of America checking account effective upon receipt of this letter. My account number is XXXXXXXXXX. There are no longer any personal account services, recurring transactions or payroll services associated with that account. My balance should be mailed to my home address in the form of a check or money order.”

BoA closed my account just a few days after I mailed them that letter, with no hassle whatsoever. Not a phone call or demand to come into a branch, nothing. I had my check in about ten days.

Thank you for the informative article.

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avatar 61 Anonymous

Perhaps I should note: I live in Texas.

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avatar 62 Anonymous

Ive been fighting with BOA for over a year now trying to just be taken off an account I’m on as an additional signature. It was my moms and step dads, after she died I remembered and asked to be taken off the account months later. They refused and said the account would have to be closed and reopened with whoever was left. Then they said my step father who is in a home with dementia and doesn’t know who he is needed to prove he was an american citizen. Then they said I had to have notarized signature card sent in removing myself which we did. Still refuse to remove me from account. Also refused my mothers death certificate for 6 months and a power of attorney from my sisters attorney to oversee my moms and step dads affairs.
These sick F*&^’s go after the elderly and ill Americans to make their bottom line look good….
Bank of America my ass, more like Bank of Traitors….

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avatar 63 Anonymous

On a similar note – I added my aunt to my savings account years ago. I went into BOA the other day to remove her name from the account (she had passed away). First they told me she would have to come into the bank to authorize her name being removed (strange that she didn’t have to come in to have her name added). When I told them she had died, they said I would have to bring in her death certificate! Good grief, this is MY account we’re talking here. It’s not an account the two of us opened together. I chose to have her added, seems like I should be able to choose to have her removed without jumping through hoops. I asked what if I couldn’t get a copy of the certificate, & they said I would have to close out the account & open a new one. That I can do without a death certificate. Doesn’t make a lot of sense to me

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avatar 64 Anonymous

I recently closed my B of A checking and debit card account after having a banking relationship with B of A for over 45 years. The final straw was when I was notified that I was going to be charged a montly fee for the checking account service. When I called customer service to cancel the account they said that I had an option to keep it open for no fee. But I would be charged $8.00 each month if I used a teller or other services in the branch where I was asked to swipe my debit card. So in other words if I went into the bank just get some $1 dollar coin rolls and swiped my card I would see a $8.00 fee on my next statement. So I went in to the bank and saw a desk person across from the tellers and closed the account and got back the balance from a teller.

B of A doesn’t want the small consumer’s business. They only want bigger accounts and the ability to sell these people and companies product and services. They are making it known through their actions that you as a small customer cost them money. So Bye Bye B of A.

And by the way, they could care less if you leave as they are doing quite well and have the governent bailout backup if they screw the pooch with their investments and bad banking practices. Kinda makes you wonder why the government even is required to license them as a national bank. They operate independently in a system that is totally in their favor with Papa Federal Reserve System as their sugar daddy. How would you like to borrow money from someone at near zero interest rate and reloan it out at over 25% or more plus fees. A license to steal and legal too.

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avatar 65 Anonymous

Im not trying to close my account. I’ve just been trying for two years to be removed as a signer on my parents account. I was added when my mom got cancer and has since past. My sister hold a power of attorney for them, which the bank originally refused, then they refused her death certificate for 6 months, then they told me I had to close the account if I wanted off and when I complained they closed two of my credit card accounts as I set there. Then they said my step father had to update his citizenship status and provide new documents… 80+ with dementia, all his direct deposit from SS and Medicare and pensions are direct deposited… then they gave us a card to sign have notarized to be removed… didi it… then they refused to accept it. Called CS one last attempt, asked to receive an e-mail outlining what I have to do to be removed from the account. Got a reply: ” cannot complete request as you requested”.
Went to State Attorney General & Texas Banking Commission where I was told unless I had a paper trail from BOA there was nothing they could do…. BOA refuses to supply anything in writing…
And none of it has to do with bail out or Obama… just corrupt banks… and it’s Republicans who refuse to regulate banks…

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avatar 66 Anonymous

I am a 23 year old college student, and have been using BOA since i was 18. Today i saw a monthly service fee on my account for the first time ever because my balance dropped below $250 at some point. i will be cancelling ASAP, and using my schools credit union for all my transactions.

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avatar 67 Anonymous

I just wanted to jump in and add that after closing my accounts I still receive paper statements almost three months later. When I sign in online (still have credit card) the accounts do not exist and yet the statements for $0 keep coming. I’m so fed up!

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avatar 68 qixx

Just make sure that you have something in writing and dated showing your account is in fact closed. You don’t want to have them start attaching inactivity fees, or a maintenance fee, or a lets see how we can rip off customers today fee. You just want to cover yourself so they can’t ruin your life somehow.

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avatar 69 Anonymous

When you get the service you don’t want from bank of america use there dispute service
it costs them time and money,the trouble I’ve had closing, I’ve contacted multiple auto pay companies utilities, al kinds due to the fact that I work offshore some companies after you supply new bank and account information still debit old BAmerica accounts, dispute any and all with bank if America if you previously hand Dir, debit and your attempting to close and get rescurring charges causing you not to be able to close your account, dispute, make BA pull the money back for not allowing you to close the account from the beginning, flood there dispute service, for not allowing to close, and having to wait thirty days.

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avatar 70 Anonymous

Just wanted to let you know that I did go to the B of A online banking site and initiate a chat session. I was able to close my account with the balance being forwarded to me via cashier’s check.

Thanks for the information!

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avatar 71 Anonymous

Thanks for the info on live chat! I thought I’d have to send a stupid letter out (since that is the only information provided on BOA website as to how to close an account). I was able to start a live chat and quickly close my account. I’ve always had great customer service (I think I’ve only had two instances where I ran into someone that was less than helpful) from BOA but I’m tired of dealing with all of the fees and no actual bank where I currently live now (opened my account w/BOA 14 years ago).

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avatar 72 Anonymous

I am closing my account because the only reason I had it was for the Alaska Airline miles, and as of the end of this month, they are terminating that program.

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avatar 73 Anonymous

I was dreading having to go to my local Bank of America to close my account. I didn’t want to be hassled or asked unnecessary questions. So, I took the advice from some people in these comments and CLOSED MY ACCOUNT ONLINE! Hooray for technology! Just go to Bank of America’s website, log in to your profile, and open a chat with an agent. They will close your account quickly and you have the option of being mailed a Cashier’s Check or transferring money to another account. It was simple and helpful. Definitely recommend closing your Bank of America account online.

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avatar 74 Anonymous

Hi Everyone,

Can any one suggest me if i can close my campus edge checking account online.
Only issue i have is now i have shifted back to my home country & and i am not sure when i will come back to usa. So is there any way i can call BOA customer service center & close it on phone.

Can any one else on my behalf can close my account. My friends are there so may be they can do it for me. Is it possible ??

Please suggest.

Thank You.

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avatar 75 qixx

You should be able to call and close it over the phone. You can use the Contact Us live chat on the BOA website to close it online. Another option would be send a certified letter and close it that way. Your friends will not be able to close it for you.

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avatar 76 Anonymous

qixx ♦1,875 (Half-Dollar)

Thank you quick response of my answer.
I guess i will call them. I cant chat with BOA reps as i am not able to log in to my online account because i haven’t operated my online account since long.
last option of letter is good as well.

Thank You again.

Have a good day !!


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avatar 77 Anonymous

Well i took the writers advice and opened a live chat. It was fast and simple and I closed my account within 1 minute of the conversation. Thanks for the advice. .

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avatar 78 Anonymous

Please close my checking account thanks

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avatar 79 Anonymous

I’m closing my BofA account. The letter is already in the mail. I’m mostly doing it because of their shadiness: charging fees for this and that without really notifying you, charging for stupid things, overcharging, and generally being pretty much an evil bank from a cartoon. I’ve lost trust in banks and am moving over to a good credit union where it feels a lot more like I’m storing and saving rather than throwing money into a hole.

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avatar 80 Anonymous

Can cancel boa accounts online I moved out of state and they don’t have this bank where I live now.

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avatar 81 Anonymous

Was able to close today via Bank of America chat function.

Reason I gave was simple.. didn’t want the account anymore.

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avatar 82 Anonymous

I am going to close my BOA checking account. They are charging me $12/month service fee because I’ve dropped below a certain minimum level. I can get free checking at a number of financial institutions. Thanks for the tip on how to close the account.

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avatar 83 Anonymous

So I sent my letter in, two weeks later they mail me a letter saying they can not verify me and they will not close my account until I visit the branch in person and close it a second time.

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avatar 84 Mick Brennan

I’m in Saudi Arabia tried to close my account the lady keeps telling me to come to the branch to verify my self how stupid really lol

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