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8 Ways to Create Your Own Stimulus Check

by Luke Landes

In 2008, millions of people received checks or direct deposits from the government in an effort to stimulate the economy. The extra cash certainly helped many families and individuals, who, like the banks that received TARP funds later in the year, cushioned their bank accounts and paid off debt. Some used the found money to […]

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The Paradox of The Paradox of Thrift

by Luke Landes

If you’ve been paying attention lately, you might have heard that throughout the economic recession, Americans have been saving more of their income. Some economists worry that saving, while good for the individual, can be harmful to the economy as a whole. This is commonly called, “the paradox of thrift,” a theory developed by John […]

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Your Emergency Fund: What Qualifies as an Emergency?

by Luke Landes

An emergency fund is the cornerstone of good financial management, regardless of which personal finance guru you listen to. A small emergency fund of a few hundred to a few thousand dollars can make all the difference when you’re trying to make steps to become financially independent. Saving your emergency fund in a high-yield savings […]

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Twitter Poll: How Much Do You Have in Your Emergency Fund?

by Luke Landes

Earlier today, I asked via Twitter how much everyone has in their emergency fund in relation to their monthly expenses. Here are some of the responses. (I assumed if the message wasn’t sent privately and if the twitter account wasn’t protected that I could re-post the source of the responses.) nodebtplan: 3 months of expenses […]

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The Right Size for Your Emergency Fund

by Luke Landes

One of the most popular pieces of financial advice is the importance of establishing an emergency fund, money that can be accessed to assist with life unexpected problems, like medical emergencies or the loss of a job. Financial advisers like Suze Orman suggest that most people have ready three to six months’ worth of expenses […]

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50 Tips to Help Establish Your Emergency Fund

by Luke Landes

50 Ways to build an emergency fund. Tips, tricks and strategies on saving more for emergencies and where to keep your rainy day money. There’s a reason Dave Ramsey’s famous Baby Step #1 is to build an emergency fund. It helps people get on track for becoming financially independent. I don’t agree with everything Ramsey […]

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SmartyPig Smartly Drops $25 Redemption Fee

by Luke Landes

A few weeks ago, I previewed the SmartyPig savings account, an interesting way to collaboratively save money for goals while earning interest on that money. I like the ease of sharing goals with friends and family and allowing them to contribute, but the redemption options were limited. By design, SmartyPig prefers that once you reach […]

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Jonathan Clements Exits: The Essence of Money

by Luke Landes

Jonathan Clements, a columnist for the Wall Street Journal, is leaving journalism. He published his last article on Wednesday, a reflection on fourteen years at the Journal and 26 years writing professionally about money. In the article, he looks at the essence of saving and investing. Why bother? A number of visitors touched on these […]

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Celebrate “America Saves Week” by Increasing Savings and Decreasing Expenses

by Luke Landes

Haven’t you heard? This week is America Saves Week. From February 24 through March 2, a coalition of non-profit, corporate, and government groups are pushing a media campaign to encourage savings in various forms, from increasing money deposited into bank accounts to finding bargains and saving money on purchases. It’s a noble goal. Building wealth […]

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Your Food Pantry: An Essential Part of Your Emergency Fund

by Luke Landes

The most effective emergency fund, for use in the event of a job loss or unexpected major expense, is actually a combination of several types of investments. You should be prepared with a small amount of physical cash to hold you over until you can get money from a bank, highly liquid investments like a […]

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