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My Name is Flexo, and I Approved This Message

by Luke Landes

Last week, I received the following email. I have changed the name of the firm for the safety of the author: Flexo- I enjoy reading the posts on your blog ‘shizennougyou’. It is a well put together site. I was reading a post on 9/29 about your brokerage recently charging you an annual fee. […]

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Annual Fee?!

by Luke Landes

My previously-mediocre-but-not-horrible discount brokerage firm decided to start charging an annual fee… a fee higer than some full-service brokerages. I’m high-tailing it out of there ASAP, and I’m looking to do it without any tax implications. Although, even if I have to sell, the tax burden shouldn’t be too bad. So, with the several thousand […]

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